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Surface Protection

Latest technology in:

Smarter Cleaning and Disinfecting!
Protect people 24/7

Surface Protection Using Active Quant Technology

By only changing the cleaning products that you are using “Not changing procedures” 
  • Improve your occupational health & safety statement.
  • Deliver on your duty of care.
  • Increase your hygiene levels to what your staff or client deserve, 10X on what your currently doing!.

How traditional Disinfectants V quant technology kill Pathogens

The science behind the technology once explained make the understanding very easy!

Disinfectant alcohol based, require

1. Topical application on top of the pathogen after its landed on a surface – “Attachment” 2. Alcohol breaks down the cell walls, “Penetration” 3. Interrupting the ceil, leakage and killing the ceil, Denaturation” 

Once disinfectant dries is stops working, surfaces are unprotected, allowing live pathogens to live, until the next disinfectant action!   

Microguard Quant based, requires

1. Topical application on to the surface, 2. when pathogen lands it pierced, puncturing the membrane destroying the ceil, 3. actively protecting the surface, not allowing introduce pathogens to live on the surface waiting to be picked up by someone.

Actively working long after application, killing 24/7