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10x Your Hygiene levels - With Ease

10x your current hygiene, Is THAT even possible???

To know?? we can only look at what is currently being done and products used, then compare with what is being proposed!!!!


What is currently being done!

Regular cleaning and disinfecting – High traffic surfaces cleaned twice a day, with a cleaner. and Once per day, all high traffic surfaces wiped over again with a disinfectant. (once disinfectant dryes it stops killing

Summery: In a 24hr period, 3 wipes over all high traffic surfaces is done (2 with a cleaner and 1 with a disinfectant). 

so surfaces are only uncontaminated once in a 24hr period and are unprotected gathering pathogens until the next disinfectant wipe over the next day. 

What we propose!

By just changing the product to Microguard’s (TGA Approved Hospital Grade) Disinfectant Cleaner that stays active between cleans and removing the 3rd action (the disinfectant wipe) your cleaning and disinfecting twice in a 24hr period and protecting the surface 24/7, the active keeps killing introduced pathogens as they are introduced.  

Do you achieve? 10x hygiene results???

Result – by achieving a 24/7 sanitised surface, by killing introduced pathogens as they are introduced through out the day, 24hr period (you minimize the threat of transmission of harmful pathogens significantly!)

But is it 10X better???   

Over a 24hr period, currently only disinfecting only once the surface could be re infected immediately after V’s Disinfecting twice and staying actively throughout the 24hr period. killing whats being introduced. 

Its actually a 20X more effective result, but 20X sounds too good to be true!  So were happy to work with a 10X more hygienic results over a 24hr period.  


Why would you need to increase hygiene? Isn't what your Currently doing is ok!!!

Protecting surfaces to keep killing pathogens as they are introduced, instead of only once per day when the surface is disinfected!

Throught-out our business day, our staff and clients share so many surfaces (desks, meeting tables, bathrooms, rails, lifts, handles, kitchens, air-conditioning systems, furniture, vehicles, machinery ect) by reducing the level of surface transmissions, reduces sickness being passed around . 

Above is only looking at high traffic surfaces – what a bout the other 60% of surfaces on the space??? 


Treat areas and rooms with Microguard area applicator once every 3 months to protect all other surfaces including air-conditioning system from mould, bacteria and Germs.

With 40 to 60% of surfaces in rooms / area not being disinfected regularly (couch, bed heads, curtins, rugs / carpet, walls, ceiling, air-conditioning system ect) were leaving heaps of hiding spots, for bad pathogens like below – 

Germs – Help to lowers staff sickness levels (minimizing your on-going staff management and juggling staff when others are off sick), keeping your clients and staff well while in your care. (Staff or mainly cleaning staff, enter area when germs are still alive and active) 

Mould – Stop it from growing, being proactive – not having a on going battle with smells and unsightly colour and staining on fabrics, furniture, walls, ceiling and in the bathroom, sometime closing down area’s or rooms and paying 3 party mould removal companies to treat $$$, stop mould poisoning that can be really bad.

Bacteria – By killing bacteria, we kill the odours at its source, and stop them from festering (that can make people sick)

Easy! Everyone can say that!!!

How easy is it actually to treat all the surfaces in your area’s ????  

It ONLY takes a minute of your time to set the area up, and PRESS to let the applicator off!

Click the Video – to see Jade our GM fully treating a 2 bedroom cabin 

The Area micro mist applicator disperses the finest mist – size less than 50µm, so as the micro-mist lands it dries and adheres to all surfaces (not wetting surfaces like fogging would, not to damage any computers or electronics)