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All Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Easy to use Surface Spray All-in-1, disinfectant, cleaner, long-lasting protectant bacteria, germs, mould & viruses.

Prevents transmission on surfaces and sub-straights

Lab tested to kill (and keep killing introduced) Bacteria’s & COVID-19 for 28 days on hard surfaces.

  • Antimicrobial disinfectant cleaner will simultaneously clean & disinfect with every application.
  • Antimicrobial active agent stays active continual protecting the surface, destroying germs, bacteria & moulds 24/7
  • Significantly reduce the risk of surface infection transmission and mould growth
  • Suitable for high traffic surfaces: bench tops, handles, rails, chairs, desks; hard & soft surfaces.‚Äč



You have the peace of mind knowing that your site’s surfaces are healthy and safe environments for your staff. When bacteria, germs & microbes are introduced, they are destroyed – application keep sanitising for up to 28 days.




  • Spray directly on surface (or on your application cloth)
  • Ensure the surface is totally wet with surface spray
  • Wipe solution over the target surface to form a layer,
  • Allow the product to dry on the target surface.
  • Repeat as required for disinfecting & cleaning.
All Surface Disinfectant Cleaner
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