Microguard Biotech

How do we help around

Schools, Universities & Learning Centers

Protect our youth & your teaching staff from Bacteria, Viruses, Pests & Mould

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Raising the Standard!

How do we protect you from bacteria, viruses & more?


Keeping learning and play zones hygienic and consistently protected from harmful moulds, viruses & germs, (including Covid 19).


Existing products require multiple applications per day, to keep killing introduced pathogens .

There’s not enough staff and time to ensure ongoing protection!


Traditional cleaning & disinfecting uses harsh chemicals that are toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic. These products can do more harm than good. Surely there are safer, more effective options available?

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The Solution

Intelligent, preventive biotech products that actively protect surfaces 24/7

By implementing our antimicrobial surface protection system, it shows you’re doing everything possible to give health & safety confidence to young learners, educators, parents and support staff.

Once accredited, your company has the rights to display the Microguard shield graphic at treated locations, on your marketing material, and on your company website.

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Focused on making your Schools Cleaner & Greener?

Microguard is the solution that will help you raise your standards to the next level

  • Improve your occupational health & safety statement.
  • Delivering your duty of care.
  • Product training supplied.
  • Promotional material supplied at no charge.


Change from using 8 different products to ONE. No more confusion, no mixing chemicals, minimise risk.


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