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Hospitals & Health Care

Protecting against Bacteria, Viruses, Pests & Mould in hospitals & health care facilities.

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Raising the Standard!

How do we protect you from bacteria, viruses & more?


Keeping rooms and social area’s hygienic and protected throughout the day, from bacteria, harmful germs, moulds, and annoying mozzies & spiders.


Existing products require multiple applications per day to ensure all surfaces are hygienic, which can’t be achieved, – Rooms, common area’s, high touch surfaces, and office spaces!


Traditional cleaning & disinfecting uses harsh chemicals that are toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic. These products can do more harm than good and leaving the surfaces unprotected between cleans!

Is there a easy solution available?

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The Solution

Intelligent, preventive biotech products that actively protect surfaces 24/7

Together, we can easily increase the hygiene and protection level to 24/7, 10x from what your currently getting in a cost effective way.

We’re building a new level of post pandemic business trust … and we want you share it with you!

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Focused on making Our Hospitals Cleaner & Safer?

Microguard is the solution that will help you raise your standards to the next level

  • Improve your occupational health & safety statement.
  • Delivering your duty of care.
  • Product training supplied.
  • Promotional material supplied at no charge.


Change from using 8 different products to ONE. No more confusion, no mixing chemicals, minimise risk.


Get Bulk Pricing

  • Sign a supply agreement to qualify as a user or reseller.
  • All pricing is strictly confidential.
  • Minimum order quantities apply.
  • Items must be sold at RRP or Industry Pricing.
  • Supply and payment terms will form a part of your agreement.
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Joining The Movement

Protecting Hospitals and health care centres with our 24/7 active protection.

Prevent trasfering disease & illness between people from surface transmissions and allowing infestation – with the latest technology in biotech protection.

Microguard is leading australian businesses back to using sustainable eco-friendly, active, long-lasting products