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Your partner in safety

Focused on making your Camp Sites Cleaner & Greener?

Together, we can increase the hygiene and protection levels for your visitors to 24/7 in a cost effective way. We're building a new level of post pandemic business trust … and we want you share it with you!

Increase the level of protection throughout your sites:

  • Ensuring surfaces are disinfected and protected 24/7, application keeps killing for 28 days

    • Reduce Mould – unsightliness, stains and health risks

    • Reduce Bacteria – health risks and odours

    • Reduce Viruses – health risks and eliminate spreading

    • Reduces transmission from surfaces and air-conditioning systems

    • Management duty of care – confidence that your surfaces are protected 24/7, not relaying on staff to disinfect as well as clean every surface!!!

Your partner in safety

Commercial Case Study

Value in changing to Microguard Products!

Study done in caravan parks, by changed over to using Microguard Disinfectant Cleaner & Area Applicators, result shown were achieved over a 90day period, not changing cleaning procedures – just the product technology.

Challenges, pains & problems


Use a 5-in-one product (cleaner, disinfectant, mould, deodoriser & active 28 days)

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Commercial Outcome & Savings