Microguard Biotech


Anti Microbial MasterBatching

Bacteria, Fungal, Virus, Mosquito, Bud bug & Dust mites

Manfacturing Fabric solutions, protect yarn (to finished products) with on going anti-microbial solutions!

  • Application in manufacturing, extrusion, bath or padding, infusing our solutions into the finished products for long lasting (some cases for life of the product) health results and out comes.
  • Professionally applicated, topically (machine applied) to a finished product, for long lasting results.

Examples- Anti-bacteria in work or school uniforms, bedding, carpets, automotive fabrics and leathers.

Anti-Virual & bacteria in Medical curtins, scrubs, carpet tiles, ect.

Anti-bacteria & Mosquito in Militery, mining, public works, Hi Vis uniforms ect.

Anti-Mould and Mosquito in camping canvis, umbrellas, outdoor furnishings, Mosquito nets, army tents, marine ect.


Through treating fabrics, we can increase humans protecting from pathogens and pets while preforming day to day on going tasks, and for equipment stop going growth problems, plus repel Mosquitos at the same time, inhancing product.


Treatments are easily applied through the manufacturing process or on finished item.