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Protect staff, troops and their families from Bacteria, Viruses, Mould & Pests

Critical Importance!

protect our Troops to be healthy and mission-ready


With thousands of defence forces personnel across the county training and living in close quarters, illnesses and pathogens are passed around readerly.

Ensuring a healthy and mission-ready defence force is of critical importance! 

How do we protect troops from non-seen enemy’s        Germs – Bacteria – Moulds and Mosquitos 24/7?

Controlling outbreaks when they happen – being proactive!


Pathogens stay alive on surfaces, ready to be  transmitted until the next time the surface is cleaned and disinfected! 

Current disinfecting products require multiple          re-applications per day (once dry they stop killing) to ensure all surfaces are hygienic, which can’t be achieved!

Untouched surfaces in rooms, AC systems, common area’s, equipment, office spaces and mess hall all harbour harmful pathogens and are never sanitised. 


Traditional cleaning & disinfecting products only kill until they dry then they leave the surfaces unprotected between cleans! 

They uses harsh chemicals that are toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic. 

These products can do more harm than good. 

When sickness outbreak happen they are hard to control as all surfaces become transmission stations!


Mosquitoes can transmit a number of serious human diseases. In Australia, some mosquitoes transmit viruses such as Japanese encephalitis, Ross River, Barmah Forest, Kunjin and Murray Valley encephalitis. Some parts of northern Queensland have mosquitoes that can transmit dengue fever infections.

Overseas deployment may be at risk of mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya or Zika.

The Solutions

Intelligent Technology - preventive biotech products that actively protect surfaces 24/7


Latest Australian antimicrobial technology – Increasing surface protection to 24/7, minimising surface transmission 10x better than current cleaning and disinfecting! without changing current procedures! ONLY changing product!   

Becoming proactive by using active products that keep working between applications – High traffic surfaces are disinfected / cleaned daily, lower traffic surfaces (walls, certains, Ac systems, bed heads, carpets, appliances etc) are treated on a proactive schedule.     

Raising the hygiene levels and protecting surfaces will reduce the transmission of sickness from bacteria and germs, lowering the sickness levels and increase living and working conditions by removing odors and bad smells, unsightly and dangerous moulds.



While vaccines are available for some diseases (e.g. yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis) and chemoprophylaxis medicine can help prevent malaria, all defence force personnel  should also use repellents and other protective measures to avoid mosquito bites.

Microguard’s (in partnership with HealthGuard, Bruck fabrics and ADA) are currently working with the Australian Army to masterbatch into the finished uniform our Anti-mosquito and bacteria solution, other treatment available are anti-mosquito topical and washables treatments. 

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