Microguard Biotech


About Microguard

Family own and run Australian company – supplying only Australian made independently tested products, that are leading disinfecting, infestation and Mosquito control innovation. 

Our family supports and loves Australian industries, together we have been involved in the corporate world, media, government, machinery, ride share, mining, automotive, education, tourism, child services, construction, retail, transport and housing regulations over the years!     

Our opportunity – is to be able to help Australians companies get back to using environmentally friendly and safe products! while building confidence to get back to business!  Play a small part in reducing mosquito transmitted deceases and deaths world wide! 

Before the recent pandemic EVERYONE, private business, governments, all locations, schools, universities, transport and at home we moved away from using harsh harmful (carcinogenic) poison based cleaners (like alcohol’s and bleach’s) to the environmentally friendly and healthier options – now its back to bleach everything!!!  

Let’s change back with new technology, looking after our work force, the public and our families in this new post covid world (the new standard) with higher hygiene standards being the focus.

Aim – To help build renewed consumer confidence knowing your company, business and working environment are doing everything they can and are aiming for a higher standard by using longer-lasting active products.